Saturday, September 29, 2012

St. Trinian's Delay

You might have noticed the lack of posts recently, unfortunately the production has hit a major setback. I can't go into details and don't want to name the culprits because I am hoping that at some point soon the issue can be resolved. Unfortunately there are some people who don't want me to make this film. I had no choice but to put it on hold. This is not the end of this,  please do come back for updates.

But then something wonderful happened, I met Kate and John Searle, Ronald's children the other day. We spent a lovely morning chatting over coffee. Both of them have been extremely supportive of the film, they even gave me a folder of quality copies of some of the original St. Trinian's cartoons and a selection of Ronald's nib pens. Look at how each one is labelled carefully, you can tell how well organized Ronald was. Thank you John and Kate, I will treasure these forever.


"TORI CAT" said...

What a beautiful gift for you to treasure Uli. Very special.
I am sorry to hear you have had to put the production on hold. :( I hope everything is ok? I only wish you the best of luck and continued support in its making.
I hope things progress positively soon!!
Please send my love toLisa and your little kitties and i hope we can catch up soon. Its been way too long!!
Big hugs!!!

Emmanuel Briand said...

Hello Mr Meyer,

Hope everything goes right for you despite this news .I respect your work so much,it remembers me doing celluloid when I was 10 or 1é years old, I thought all animated movies where done with traditionnal techniques and it further after that I knew the truth about Personnal computers ...When I saw your work on this ronald searle's tribute it was like diving into my "souvenirs" memories and Icannot say a word more sincere than thank you for that Uli and thank you for ronald, he diserves it so much.

I give you my blog adress take a look sometimes if you want and don't hesitate to contact me I would love to collaborate on some projects with you Uli.

Bye from France Paris, with sincere respect.


Briand Emmanuel "tokyobanana"

*** interview available on

Emmanuel Briand said...

(...)10 or 12* years old5...)

David Bernal said...

Its beautiful how nibs can be inspiring!
I am intrigued about the hold up, but I am sure there is nothing stopping the film, specially thanks to the openess way you have been constructing it/sharing, reminds me of how no one was able to stop this girl from taking pictures:
Too many people love what you are doing!

Greg manwaring said...

Keep going Uli!

Stephanie Pavoine said...

Hope things will go your way soon.

Francesca Natale said...

Very sorry to hear that. I was looking forward to watch it.Hope production will start again. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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dabeagle said...

Bless you, Uli! I just found out about this through a link...I need to 'surf' more. This will be (and I'm optimistic about its completion) a wonderful thing, and the clips you've posted are great - so very nice to see beautiful hand-drawn animation again.
I don't know if you remember me, but I did the Cookie-Crisp commercials for 8 years in the US, pre-Saatchi/General Mills. I admire your work immensely and hope to finally meet you. Have you been to the CTN Expo?
Dean Yeagle

Alezi Lapella said...

I hope you won't be on hold for too long. I really would love to see the film go into production.

Anonymous said...

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